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Our app is live in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. So do not hesitate to download our free app.

It is named "Oregon Contractors" it is free and a must have for any home owner, business owner and all contractors.


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We have 2 options for listing your company in our app.


1st we have a free listing.

We will review your company and give it a rating from 1 to 5 stars based on what we find, then place you in the master list of pre-screened contractors.

2nd is our Featured list of Contractors.

Includes everything we do for the free listing plus This is where we list your company in the app under your trade and in the cities you want to be in. (only a handfull of contractors will be listed in each trade for a city.)

Example: If you are a electrician and want to work on the East side of Portland, You would choose electrical contractors as the trade then pick the cities and listing positions for that city that you want to be listed in.

If you want the top spot, purchase it before someone else does!

Once you register we will start our prescreening of your company. We check for a current CCB number and read any on-line reviews we can find then give you a rating on a 5 star system based on what we find.

(We read all reviews, but some do not hold much value with us, like Yelp...) 

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Remember when you purchase a listing position with us, You are aways in that listing postion.

If you want the top spot, purchase it now while its available and it is always yours!


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Click Here to use the free contractors Black Book we have built. It is part of our app and it sends out a email to the contractor of the customers contact info. That way you always have a digital copy of all the bids you do. You just need to save the emials into a folder on your computer.



"Read what what this guy says about our system on Facebook"

Tyler Roth I hope it is nothing like Angie's list or home advisor. Home advisor being the greater of the evils.
Oregon Contractor
Oregon Contractor No, we prescreen the contractors and give them a rating based on our research of them.
Oregon Contractor After we review them, they pay to be listed in cities for the trades they preform. We only allow a handful of contractors per city and trade.
We do not ask for any personal info from the home owners.
Tyler Roth Like a phonebook. Do you charge per lead?
Oregon Contractor Yes Like phone book. No we do not charge per lead.
Tyler Roth I like that better than the other models.
Oregon Contractor
Tyler Roth Right on! Glad to hear you guys have a better business model than others that just hurt the contractors! Good luck!!