Contractor Referral System

Our Referral System Is Simple!

First get signed up to be an affiliate sales person.


When you have a contractor sign up into our system, we will pay you 20% of what they spend per month in our system for as long as they keep the listings.


You have your buddy that is a tile flooring contractor. You lists his company in our system, He picks the cities and the listing positions that he wants to be listed in for those cities. (As he picks the listing spots remember the #1 spot is always at the top of the list.) After he has picked all the cities and positions for tile flooring that he wants, he will have a dollar value that he will be billed for every month. 

So lets say he is spending $400 per month to be listed in our system. 20% of $400 is $80, you would recieve $80 per month for as long as he has the listings.

Ok, lets say you work the business and have 30 contractors in our system all spending the same $400 per month, that would be $2400 per month to you. That would not stop until the contractor canceled his listings with us.

Of Course the contractors do not need to spend $400 per month, it can be more or less. We have companies that spend as low as $24 per month as as high as $1200.

We will set you up in the system with a coupon code that the contractors will need to input when they check out. That code can also include a discount if we are running any promotions.


 Click HERE to register to be an affiliate sales person.


 Click Here to register a contractor.


Gordon 503-740-3870 - direct cell.

We rae waving the membership fee for new members at this time.

 *A $25 monthly membership fee is required to be a affilate sales person, it pays for the acounting department. The $25 dollars will not be in play until you have made your first sale and will come off the top of your sales.