How We Score Our Reviews!

How we score our reviews on the contractors.

1 to 5 stars, 5 being the best.

Our research crew has a construction background, So we do take the contractors point of view into consideration.

Before we post any contractors on our site we research them via any on-line reviews we can find on them. We also check with the CCB and make sure the licensing is current. We can not track if the companies insurance premiums are paid. But the CCB does. If a contractors have a lapse in the insurance due to renewal or lack of payment the CCB will suspend their license. So check and make sure the contractors are current with the CCB.

When we research the contractors we do not hold it against them if they do not have any on-line presence. (That is what we are here to help them with.)

When we read the reviews and look at the ratings we do take into consideration the value of the review. What that means is if someone puts on a bad review on a roofing contractor because the yard was not cleaned up to their satisfaction the first day of many days that it takes to do a roof tear off. Many things could come into play with that. Like was the weather a issue? It is much more important to get the house watertight for the night, then to pick up every little piece of old roofing that may be in the yard. As long as the yard was cleaned before the job was done. We will not hold that review against the roofer. Another example is if a roofing contractor is doing a tear off on a apartment complex and the tenant writes a bad review because they could not park in front of their apartment. As the dumpster was parked there. Come On Man!

One review that we do read a lot is tenants or office workers complaining about the smell of a hot tar roof being installed. This is not the roofing contractors fault, The building manager should have told the tenants of the building this type of work was going to be done. These are a couple of bogus bad reviews. You have to make a mess to get a job done sometimes. If you do not know construction, do not bark at the people that do it everyday!

Here is a couple of what we consider, legitimate bad review on a contractor: 

  • If the company tells the customer a bogus line about how a repair takes time to seal that a leak that they sealed might take a couple weeks to seal. Or maybe a contractor has a couple of no shows on scheduled appointments.
  • Contractors that do not back up any warranty work.
  • Rude or arumentive contractors.
  • contract says a certin type of material that will be used and then uses something totally different with out a written addendom to the contract.
  • charging more then the contract has stated.

Of course each case is different.