Is Yelp Holding Your Company Hostage?

Is YELP holding your company hostage?
Do not believe everything you read!

A few of our contractors have told me they are having to reduce what they can spend with our small family owned system, in order to pay Yelp for the release of good reviews that Yelp is holding back.

One of our long time roofing contractors is in the hot seat. AA-Riteway Roofing has been in business for many years here in Oregon. They do somewhere around 1000 roofs a year, yes a year. Yelp's system (if you are not paying them) will post any bad reviews that you may have and put the rest of the reviews at the bottom of the page under a tab that reads
"Other reviews that are CURRENTLY NOT recommended" Under that tab AA has 21 more reviews which most are 5 stars.

You can see in the photo that Yelp only says they have 7 reviews for AA but really they have 28 reviews...
Also they have a review posted from a tenant (Jeremy H) that Yelp says they removed due to "violating there terms of agreement" But yet his review and follow up reviews are still published in the public area 3 times, which is bringing AA score down.

Yelp wants AA to pay them to open or recommend the good reviews. 
One thing that you as home owners need to remember, most people only post a review when they are unhappy with a service. 
When a company completes as many jobs as AA does and they have under 30 total reviews that is saying something good about the company. 

When we do our reviews of companies we take into consideration how long a company has been in business and the amount of on-line reviews we find on a contractor. We have done reviews on companies that have been in business for decades but have no reviews, that does not hurt them in our eyes.
Find a True review for AA Rite-way Roofing and other contractors here.

Just Google it!