Oregon Contractors Treasure Hunt

Oregon Contractors Treasure Hunt!

Like the Forest Fenn Treasure hunt? We here at Oregon Contractor Referrals love the idea and how it can bring a family together to look at different means of figuring out the clues. So we have made our own scavenger hunt and put it a little closer to home. 

Our treasure is located within the Oregon State boundery lines.

Our treasure is a 500 dollar voucher placed in a sealable water jug.

Every week the treasure is not found we will add $25 to the pot. (starting 4/2/2018)

The finder will need to contact us with the jug and the voucher code that is placed in the jug to receive the prize.


We give out clues and hints via our app

(free to download from the app store and Google Play) it's called.

Oregon Contractors